Callprint Online is a professional dibond signs and printing company. Any online advert longer than five seconds usually infuriates users desperate to enjoy the content they clicked on to. However, there are a select few adverts that manage to keep people engaged and interested as well as exceeding the five-second mark...

While dibond signs can hold your attention, online adverts are often seen as an obstacle to content. One example of an excessively long advert that managed to dissuade users from clicking away was the branded BMW short film. This advert hides behind action, drama and intrigue all the while promoting BMW.  The well-written bond style action thriller cleverly drip feeds the audience with details and clues about the plot, keeping people engaged. The BMW is subtly woven into the plot, so viewers don’t feel like they are watching an advert. The speed and agility of the BMW allows the protagonist to save the damsel just in time.

But an advert doesn’t need to have a thrilling plot to be engaging. Comedy, for instance, is a brilliant medium through which to connect with viewers. K-Swiss hired the foul-mouthed HBO character Kenny Powers as their fictional CEO to advertise their new trainers. Using shock comedy, the character managers to talk about almost nothing but the shoes while being entertaining. The ad is truly wacky, as at various points it simulates stand up comedy, CGI promotion videos, an interview, a cartoon and even a play.

People love exploring the idea of future technology, and offering the public a supposedly feasible vision of the future will always be a winner. “A Day Made of Glass” presents a future in which intelligent glass runs our everyday lives. It takes you through a day, starting in the morning with a family, then taking us to a commercial use of the smart glass, then back to the family settling down to watch a 3D representation of the solar system. The utopian view of the future is enjoyable to watch, and to a certain extent exciting.

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