Callprint is a display printing Birmingham-based company that is dedicated to providing a high-quality service. As a display printing company, we are always curious about new ways of creating eye-catching displays and posters and a certain campaign has peaked our interest.

Display printing is an incredibly effective way of increasing brand awareness, but the popular summer drink Pimms has given its posters a twist. Their campaign revolves around the intelligent use of beacons. They are installed in pubs to measure busyness every five minutes by counting the number of smartphones. The idea is if the temperature rises to an acceptable level to enjoy a glass of Pimms (16 degrees or above), the beacons use the information to direct people via outdoor posters to the nearest pubs. If the temperature rose to 21 degrees, the posters would display the “OOH Pimms” campaign. The beacons also used weather data to adjust the electric outdoor posters to be more appropriate.

“We’re using the trial as a means of establishing what works for consumers and customers.” Say’s Jonathan Ansel (new technology and media innovation manager) “Our key aim was to understand how our OOH can be more impactful – how it can be used to increase footfall in customer outlets and deliver on some of the key marketing promises we want to push forward.” Eight Taylor Walker pubs in London’s Victoria took part in the trial, as well as The Metro Restaurant and bad in Clapham. 

This was the first time Diageo (the company that owns Pimms) has used beacons and sensors in a campaign before. The aim was to be more impactful and eye-catching, but was is an invasion of the consumers privacy? Did people feel uncomfortable knowing the beacons were counting their smartphones? While Ansel has said that the company was mindful of what the beacons meant for the consumer and that they were not “invasive”, it remains a concern that this technology is being used in such a commercial way.

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